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21 Dec, 2009

WordPress 2.9 Upgrade And Simple Tags Solution

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As expected WordPress 2.9 have been released on December 18 and while this version  is not a security release, it contains quite a few bug fixes as well as enhancements! Couple most notable features added to latest version are: Basic image editing capabilities – love it for quick edits! Ability to add video to WordPress blog post by simply specifying URL to the video instead of copying / pasting code. Support for most common services is included I also like the new option to Auto-Optimize database by simply adding one line to your wp-config.php file and my partner and I are testing it right now to perhaps make it part of the next package release of Expert WordPress. There are quite a few more enhancements you should read about on official blog but right now I want to talk about solving a problem with one, very popular plugin – Simple Tags . Until author releases next version of plugin fully compatible with WordPress 2.9 – here is a work around for you… Problem comes from hard coding within the plugin that checks version of the WordPress core and errors out simply because it doesn’t mention 2.9. If you are planning to upgrade to WordPress 2.9 and you should and using Simple Tags plugin, simply follow these steps to make it compatible… 1. Navigate to Plugins-> Editor in your WordPress admin 2. In “Select plugin to edit” drop down option on right hand side select “Simple Tags” and click Select: simple-tags.php file should open for editing by default 3.  Find this line near the top of the file: if ( strpos($wp_version, ‘2.7’) !== false || strpos($wp_version, ‘2.8’) !== false) { And add to it 2.9 as a version option: if ( strpos($wp_version, ‘2.7’) !== false || strpos($wp_version, ‘2.8’) !== false || strpos($wp_version, ‘2.9’) !== false ) { 4. Save the file! This is it! Now your plugin will not give you any problems! Related WordPress 2.9 Release Articles WordPress 2.9 is out and this is solid update to upgrade to now ( WordPress 2.9 Now Available for Download ( Wordpress 2.9 Released ( Do You Have 4 Minutes? Than Allow me to give you Secure, Web 2.0 Enabled, Search Engine Optimized, Cash Sucking WordPress Blog! Create a Blog in 4 Minutes (Video Proof) . Copyright WordPress Guides Blog . All rights reserved. If reading this content on site other then origination blog – it was stolen and publisher is in direct violation of copyrights. Please report violation Readers who read this page, also read: Compensation Disclosure Related posts WordPress 2.8.5 Released (13) WordPress 2.7 Released, What Is Your Action Plan? (38) WordPress 2.6.3 Upgrade Guide (7) WordPress Wish List (8) WordPress Plugins You Need To See (16) WordPress Guide – Installing Plugins And Themes (3)

08 Dec, 2009

Niche PLR Blowout – Buy One, Get Two Free

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Image by thespotter via Flickr Niche blogs can be monetized using any of the multiple options: AdSense, Affiliate Marketing, Selling ad Space… place your own favorite method here… But the reality is – selling your own info product is most profitable option you can implement to get the most out of Niche. Not only do you get to keep all the money of the sales generated by you but also take advantage of the ready to go Army Of Affiliates just itching to promote your product if you use ClickBank or People who just want to earn through affiliate sales! Sounds familiar? That is because majority of the people simply not willing to create an info product and wiling to work for an affiliate commissions. Reality is – creating info product can be hard, unless… You decide to take the shortcut! And I don’t mean outsourcing here – I mean a Niche Product with Private Lable Rights ! Developing a niche targeted info product requires many things to be done right – research, writing, copyrighting, graphics, coding, etc. I have no intentions to recite it all here, you know the drill if you ever attempted to create one! PLR, when properly used simply offers a shortcut! And by properly used I don’t mean to be passed around as a giveaway item or repackaged and sold to yet another person who will not take the action it was designed for: Market And Sell It In Targeted Niche! A simple concept that fr some reason most ignore – sell it where its needed. PLR does have a few minuses, quality of the content is sometimes one of the factors and accuracy of the information within is another one. But if you are already an expert in the Niche or willing to learn enough to be able to share valuable information – It Is Only To Your Advantage! All you need to do is edit the eBook with Private Label Rights, correct any information that requires correction, add your own “Expert Insight” and package it for sale! You are already provided with a sales materials and quite often some additional promotional items. I generally don’t dive too much into PLR territory but my partner and I do run a PLR Membership site, Expert Content and as such we have ability to offer PLR Products to our own customers. It comes with many benefits for the price we ask and you can see them on sales page if interested. But as with ANY Membership site – some people are just not interested to commit to monthly payments or just can’t afford it while still want to have the access to quality products.I have received enough emails about it to figure out that we need a different solution… Option to purchase PLR You Need Without The Monthly Commitment! Niche PLR Super Bundle is a solution created as response to emails. It doesn’t provide everything that our membership site does to ensure that value of the “Expert Content” remains high and desirable but it does give you access to Info Products with PLR at great price! Just take a look at the bundles I have created and pick which one fits your needs or purchase more if you need more. Once again – you have the freedom of choice here! Access Niche PLR Super Bundles Here! Turn Yoyur Opinion Into Ca$h! Get Paid For Your HONEST Opinion…While Letting Other People Do The Selling For You.If You Can Talk, You Can Earn! Get Review Blog System Now! Copyright WordPress Guides Blog . All rights reserved. If reading this content on site other then origination blog – it was stolen and publisher is in direct violation of copyrights. Please report violation Related posts Secrets To REALLY Profiting From Your Blog (3) Niche Profits Classroom – Free Videos You Must See (9) Niche Profit Classroom Webinar Invitation (6) Mastering PLR Teleseminar Results (4) Mastering PLR Simulcast With Doug Champigny Part 2 (3) Help Me To Get You The Answers You Need (15)

Image by fraunix via Flickr Traffic is a lifeblood of any website or blog and we all do what we can to get as many of visitors as we can. Today I want to expand on idea of optimizing your online business by re-evaluating it and talk about… How To Get More Traffic To Your Blog By Getting Rid Of Bloat! Page load speed is extremely important for your blog not only because it allows your blog to be indexed faster by search engines but also because it helps you retain visitors. People arrive to your blog pages from multiple sources and often searching for the solutions to their problems. Needless to say that if your page takes its sweet time to load – you might loose the person whose attention span is about as long as a toddler. Present Your Content as fast as possible – reduce bounce rate and turn visitors into readers! And here are few tips that should help you…. I have previously wrote about blog optimization strategies I use and you can read about them in my posts: WordPress Guide: Howto Force Your Blog Load Fast 2 Things I Hate About WordPress And How To Turn Them Into Your Advantage …I do now use WP-Super-Cache plugin on all my blogs, which is a change to what I describe in the first guide provided. Mainly because plugin has become a lot more compatible with others and also much improved. I recommend you do same. Install WP-Super-Cache To Speed Page Load As I mentioned above  plugin now performs like a champ and as you traffic continue to grow – it can become a life saver for you, especially if you are on shared hosting. If you don’t have the plugin yet – simply go to your Blog Admin interface and navigate to Plugins -> Add New. Do a search for Term: WP Super Cache and once you find it – click to install. Activate and configure plugin. Default settings should work for most of the blogs but please visit the plugin settings page and double check everything. Get Rid Of Deactivated Plugins As we use our blogs, we continue to add new plugins looking to add functionality and gain an edge over competition. Often those plugins simply become deactivated and left on your blog as unneeded. But did you know that WordPress takes a look an evaluates EACH plugin, active or not, when pages are loaded? As long as plugin files are present within wp-content/plugins directory it will be evaluated by the blog core to see if its functions need to be processed. This Adds Time to Each Page Load! It might be just a few microseconds but when you have a whole pile of plugins that are no longer used and yet present – this can drastically impact page load speed! You see that option I highlighted above? Use it for ALL plugins that have no use on your blog! You might be amazed on how responsive your blog becomes if you have a few of them! Evaluate Functionality Provided By Plugins – Get Rid Of Duplicates This one is unfortunately very common problem and I have seen it time and time again. Few factors contribute to it: Our desire to add extra functionality or enhance existing Developers creating plugins that become multi-functional Lack of knowledge… And what I’m talking about here is when a blog has two or sometimes even more plugins doing exactly same thing! Since I never tested it and have no plans to do so – I can’t say if having All-In-One-SEO and HeadSpace 2 plugins at same has any impact on your Search Engine position or not but having two plugins performing essentially same function on your blog is definitely impacting your performance. But it becomes even worse when I see even more plugins added to ADD to whatever the 2 above are already doing. And the problem I mention above is not limited to SEO functionality only, as I have seen it time and time again on great many blogs. While sometimes you simply can’t overcome the problem because plugin you MUST have adds some functionality you didn’t ask for, due to developer trying to create a “swiss army knife” style plugin that does it all, you can carefully evaluate what you have. What I’m about to describe will take a bit of time but in return you might be rewarded with leaner, faster loading blog! Login into your blog admin and navigate to Plugins section Write down each plugin you have installed and functionality it provides. You might have to visit developer site to get full details. Cross reference all the functionality you have as result from above and try to identify ANY plugins that can be removed. If more than one plugin provides same functionality – carefully research if one you are planning to keep does a job that will be sufficient for your needs. Deactivate and Delete all plugins you have identified as unneeded. Enjoy faster blog. Steps above might not apply to you if you are not one of the people who constantly tests new functionality but still something worth doing. Please be sure to also optimise your database as described in my guide 2 Things I Hate About WordPress And How To Turn Them Into Your Advantage. Start 2010 with a Faster Blog! Related blog traffic articles Bouncing Higher than 80%? Heres 7 Ways To Reduce Your Blog’s Bounce Rate ( Should Google Rank Sites Based on Speed? ( What Is The Best Traffic Source For My Blog? ( How To Get More Traffic To Your Blog ( A great big free traffic secret revealed… ( FREE DVD! Ultimate Video Guide to a Complete WordPress Security as my gift to you! Secure Your WordPress Blog Now! Absolutely FREE!. Copyright WordPress Guides Blog . All rights reserved. If reading this content on site other then origination blog – it was stolen and publisher is in direct violation of copyrights. Please report violation Related posts Tweet Your Blog Report Release (17) How To Make WordPress Files Writable (12) How To Get More Traffic To Your Blog (20) How To Control Comments.php In WordPress 2.7 (7) WordPress Static Front Page Options to Consider (11) WordPress Guide: Howto Force Your Blog Load Fast (24)

04 Dec, 2009

Marketing Fitness Plan For 2010

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Image via Wikipedia With 2009 coming to a close I wanted to share information I think is extremely important and call it: Marketing Fitness Plan Has a nice ring to it, huh? I like it! But what is even more important then my like or dislike of the title is an actual information. As we strive to succeed and do more and more business online we become entangled into buy/sell relationships whether we like it or not. Sometimes it is based on immediate need, other time it could be an idea that struck a chord with you and lastly – because a sales copy was just too damn good! You know its true! I get caught up in buying frenzy too! In this post I want to share my own personal plan to “trim the marketing excess” and move into 2010 lean and mean marketing machine! Trim Your Email Marketing Fat If you are doing email marketing, and I hope you do, as other wise your online business is nothing but an overblown hobby, this one can be impacting you directly. Impacting Financially! Email marketing MUST be part of your overall strategy and properly implemented it will do wonders for your growth but it is also an cost you have to keep track of! I personally use aweber for my mailing list management but as you will see below what I’m about to share applies to both most popular autoresponder services: aweber and getresponse . You see pricing strategies used by both services allow you to get started with minimal investment and as you grow – you pay more. And actually quite a bit more… See images below with pricing tables from both services: GetResponce: Aweber: I’m personally partial to aweber as it is more blogger friendly, or it used to be but either way – you have to pay attention to number of subscribers on your lists as this is what you are charged based on! Tip: Trim Your Expense! But did you know that you are also getting charged for the leads that have chosen to leave your mailing list and have unsubscribed? As you can see in images below – it can quickly start costing you money! Periodically Go through your email lists, search for unsubscribed leads and delete them from your autoresponder. This is especially important if it moves you from one pricing category into another! Trim Your Monthly Commitments Membership models have become a goal for many marketers as it creates a form of stability for the owner of the product / service and allows him concentrate on delivering value customers need. It also creates a financial stability among a few other nice things, but… As membership model became popular – so did the concept successfully used by direct marketers for years – Forced Continuity ! One that was superseded earlier this year in Internet Marketing world by “Optional Continuity”. We are enticed to subscribe just because the value presented makes it a no brainer to try. Combine with low monthly cost (in many cases) it keeps that expense under our radar and can go unnoticed for months on your PayPal or credit card account! Sounds Famililar? Then please, do read on! Small amounts can actually add-up in total to a rather sizable chunk! And what I’m here advising you to do is one thing: Evaluate Each Subscription! Take a look at what you are paying for, evaluate it against your current needs and you goals for 2010, track and create a summary of past performance! You need to take a carefully look at each and every monthly subscription, service and decide if it is right for you or not. If it is directly tied to your core business, such as autoresponder, or if you can go without it. You might be surprised what you will discover! While there are many other ways to trim your unnecessary expenses – 2 I mentioned above can have a big impact on monthly bases and getting rid of what you don’t need or cutting it down in size can have a positive impact on your BETTER START OF 2010! Related marketing articles from blogosphere: How To Set Up The Most Effective Email Follow Up System – Part 5 ( Tips on How to maximize your Opt-in list ( Internet Marketers Must Listen Before They Speak ( Do You Have 4 Minutes? Than Allow me to give you Secure, Web 2.0 Enabled, Search Engine Optimized, Cash Sucking WordPress Blog! Create a Blog in 4 Minutes (Video Proof) . Copyright WordPress Guides Blog . All rights reserved. If reading this content on site other then origination blog – it was stolen and publisher is in direct violation of copyrights. Please report violation Related posts Tweet Your Blog Report Release (17) Online Marketing and Blogging Tips for Fast and Easy Money Online (5) Motivation To Success – Do It (5) How to Start an Appointment Reminder Service From Home (1) How To Make WordPress Files Writable (12) How To Get More Traffic To Your Blog (20)

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