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09 May, 2010

20 Ways To Make Use Of Twitter For Business

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  For those of you who have not heard of Twitter before a brief explanation of what it is. Twitter is a privately funded game that started as a side project in March 2006 in the area of San Francisco, CA. Twitter is a messaging service in real time to short that works on multiple […]

04 May, 2010

Business Calend

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Business Events Calendar Tuesday Read more on The Tuscaloosa News

04 May, 2010

How Do I Best Use Twitter for My Small Business?

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How do companies use Twitter to boost their businesses?  Twitter’s microblogging service is a very effective tool that allows businesses to directly communicate with customers and vice versa. Twitter creates relationships that are otherwise impossible in traditional communication channels. Here are some companies who have used Twitter for the benefit of their respective companies: 1. […]

How to make your tweets effective· If you prefer Web tweeting, use this tool: http://twitzap. com/ for advanced features· Download Tweetdeck for more power tweeting from your desktop· You can add additional Twitter accounts in Tweetdeck and control them using a single application· Schedule important tweets in advance using this tool: http://www. tweetlater. com/· Use: […]

03 May, 2010

SEO tips for a small online business?

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I have had my ebay store for the past 2 years. I managed to do all I could and still feel like I am seriously lacking huge traffic unlike most of my competitors. They can get hits of 125 the first day, while I am so ar behind. I belong to various sites Chictopia myspace […]

Author and technologist Nicholas Carr says: “Twitter is the telegraph system of Web 2 0 The New York Times reported that Twitter is one of the fastest growing phenomena on the Internet. Only a few brands skimmed profits from Twitter and others have few things Direct Marketing tweeted. However, there are many ways you can […]

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01 May, 2010

Small Business Guide To Twitter Marketing

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These days one way to really get the word out about your small business is to have some kind of social media presence. Social networking platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn can help put a virtual ‘face’ to your company, its products, goals, etc. However, the micro-blogging service Twitter, which is a free service that allows […]

27 Apr, 2010

Twitter For Business: Mistakes To Avoid

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Twitter is a social phenomenon that caught everyone by surprise. Tweeting was originally conceived as a purely social activity, like text messaging, but traders quickly discovered, it could also be a powerful marketing tool. And like any tool, when used badly, you get bad results. Sometimes very bad. Some of the worst mistakes you can […]

27 Apr, 2010

Use Twitter for Your Business

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Seeing as how Twitter is becoming more and more popular amongst businesses (even Walmart uses it!) we have decided to give you a quick over view of some Twitter best practises.   Top 10 Twitter Tips:   1)    Make objectives about what you want to achieve by using Twitter, and stick to them. You need […]

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