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Im in the fifth grade and LOVE computers i do everything on them i am VERY good on them and i feel as though i must do everything on them . I go to a private school that does not support the use of computers. We dont do ANYTHING on them its like were omish! […]

I’m really bad at socializing. Very. I’m so bad, i think stuff like “What’s your zombie plan” is an okay thing to start a conversation with. (online I’m a pretty good conversation partner, but in real life i stutter and eat my words like hell) I need to make friends who are also graphic artists […]

05 May, 2010

I need a New youtube user name*suggestions?

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I need a new one for reviews and iPod touch like jailbreaking iPod touch Reviews and Analyses app and you know help? for YouTube ™ and Yahoo and other sites like Twitter. . . I need something creative I can not do everything I think I want something cool and interesting! all ideas are welcome, […]

In case you haven’t heard, Twitter in now considered the hottest web 2. 0 property on the internet, and the main reason for that is because it’s definitely earned that reputation! This short messaging service has gained a lot of popularity and is growing fast. This is great news for most internet marketers as it […]

04 May, 2010

I need a New yahoo Id*suggestions?

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I need new iPhone for dwarfed

04 May, 2010

I need a new Yahoo sugestões * ID?

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I need a new one for reviews and such like iphone reviews product reviews iphone jailbreaking tips and help and app reviews you know? for youtube and yahoo and other sites like twitter. . . I need something creative i can’t think of anything i want something cool and interesting! any ideas are welcome,thanks

03 May, 2010

Need some wadja. com using tips. ?

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I use the social networking site Wadja. com. It has many features such as premium SMS service, send and receive e-mails and other social sites like Twitter back update. However, it can sometimes be confusing. For example, after sendng SMS, I am not able to see the delivery status. I remember once to activate it […]

02 May, 2010

Affiliate Marketing Need Tips and Hints?

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Alguém can give to some tips and sugestões to me for the marketing of the branch office? I have only one sales in the último sà ¡ bado (2009/05/01) and I have that to take a little of aid to act with the people. ‰ because of the lack of time in the computer and […]

28 Apr, 2010

New to twitter! Need people to add me!?

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I’m new to twitter and I use it to enter fun contests but you need to have at least 50 members for most of the sweepstakes. Any tips on getting people to add you to twitter? I don’t have any friends who use it! My ID is lstixrud thanks for any help!

27 Apr, 2010

I need twitter help. . . FAST!!!!?

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I need some tips and pointers for twitter. I am new on it, so i need like sort of like a study guide for twitter. Thanks!!

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