22 Apr, 2010

What is a website that gets you automatic mass twitter followers?

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A website like spreadmytweets. They deleted their website but by a click of a button it got you hundreds of followers per minute and it didnt matter if you unfollowed. I know they are trademytweets now but I want a website that will get me mass twitter followers all at one time. not per hour. Thank you and please no tips on how to get them, i want a website. Thanks again.

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1 Response to "What is a website that gets you automatic mass twitter followers?"

1 | Lisa

April 22nd, 2010 at 4:33 am


Twitter Friend Adder, Mass Unfollower, Tweet Scraper, Reply Generator, Retweet Generator, Tweet Spinner, Tweet Auto Reply, Tweet Auto Poster and Tweet Scheduler with Socialoomph Integration.

A Twitter software that knows how to use the web and just the API which is monitored and very limited
Automatically follow the users with the same interest
Automatically follow users that in need of your products and services
Automatically follow the followers of users who are already popular in your niche
Ignore users with no pictures and who tweets links to minimize following spammers
Follow users from other users lists (new)
Follow users with your specified random number of users in a specified random time intervals
Follow and unfollow users using both web and twitter API and appear more natural in the eyes of twitter anti spam bots
Auto unfollow users who don’t follow you back
Auto unfollow users you followed in the specified number of days

Alright, lets face it, even if they follow us back we still need to get noticed and communicate with them as many other twitter users are battling with their attentions. So how do you do it? Manually writing tweets? Copying and pasting quotes and jokes from popular quotes and jokes websites? That task dont necessarily need a lot of time. With TweetAttacks tweet scraper you can:

Generate THOUSANDS of tweets in a CLICK of a button

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